Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 17

Just came out of a flare.... I was having relatively calm days when my face started getting all itchy last weekend... then I noticed the dreadful thing - THE SMELL!! Yes, my face was oozing....................sobsobsob..... luckily it was nowhere near as bad as the first two months.... but still, it's really really dreadful...

Luckily, a week ago I a friend convinced me to see a Chinese doctor where they gave me an acupuncture treatment and some Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and right after I had the acupuncture I could feel that it helped with the oozing - and overall it made me less itchy as well!! And the TCM helped me keep my skin at bay, which I'm so thankful for!! I'll keep seeing the doctor and hopefully it helps speed up my TSW (nightmare) process....

So far my skin has been improving.... My relatives (who I've seen last time around 2 months ago) told me that my face doesn't look as red now, and it looks much smoother, which is true when I touch it myself. I don't need to moisturize as many times and it certainly isn't as flaky as it used to be.  When I wake up now, it's much less painful due to dryness and I also don't need to moisturize my body as much as before. Now I usually go for just an almond-olive self-blended oil for my arms and legs, once in the morning and once after shower at night and I'd still feel ok. For my face I still use the Dr Fukuya lotion and some facial moisturizing cream.

Overall my skin is still itchy, just not as dry. But on the appearance it still looks dry and problematic because of all the elephant skin... Good that it's still winter so I could hide my ugly elephant skin...

Now that my skin is more stable, I'm constantly a bit worried that a flare will kick in anytime and I'll go back to those dreadful moments again... I guess this happens to everyone going through TSW?

Stay positive! xxx

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  1. Hi Celine! yes I really do think TCM and acupuncture helps with itchy. Hope you having a great Xmas over in HK I wish I was in HK miss HK so much! I found the herbalist's contact, his name is 李永耀醫師 ph 91356980 he used to be in Sham Shui Po but moved to 太子 now. You can call up and ask for his address. He's excellent in acupuncture and he uses good quality herbs. but the one u seeing now might be just as good! anyway another option for you ;) xxx