Thursday, April 3, 2014

Month 8

This has really been a while... It's been three months since I last had an update on my status...

I feel like my skin in general has been improving quite a lot, although it's still in a pretty unstable state. Overall, the skin has reached another level, not that it doesn't itch anymore, it does, and sometimes it still gets so bad that I need to use my comb to "chain-saw" on myself to ease the itch, but I could feel that the dryness and tightness is gone now. At least it's not itching every single moment of the day. At this point, the itch I get is really nothing compared to what I've been through in my early stage of TSW, and I don't need moisturize as much as I did before. I never did moisturizer withdrawal as it's too painful for me, given that I need to go to work and everything, so I just moisturized whenever I felt like it. Now I just moisturize twice a day: once in the morning and once after shower at night.

The elephant skin on my knees and elbows have subsided a lot as well, although there are still very visible wrinkles on all my joints. I hope they go away in time... Skin also looks dark and redder than a normal person should look, I wonder if this will ever go away....

Sadly, my worst part of the skin would be my face. There's a very rebellious spot on my face that just wouldn't go away. Just a few days ago it was still like an open wound being a bit crusty and oozy which was so friggin frustrating cuz it's been there for like weeks... but it slowly got better after I went for acupuncture a few times. It actually got really itchy two days ago for some idea why. My face has seen better days, now I'm struggling to get back to that state...

Body weight
Around 3 months ago back in December, I suddenly got comments from almost everyone around me saying that I gained weight. I also noticed that my face grew some baby fat, I wasn't quite sure whether it was from water bloat or really gaining weight. Then just now I was going through some of the pictures I took at the start of TSW and compared them with the pictures I took in December, and I think I truly have gained weight. At the start of TSW, I looked unhealthily skinny, and together with the thinned hair I almost looked like a chronically sick person. But now that I've grown back more hair and got a little chubbier, I looked much more healthier (or should I say normal).

Body temperature regulation
I'm glad to say that I haven't been shivering these days anymore. Back in the days I would be shivering real bad in air-conditioned places, now I would be wearing short-sleeves when some of my other colleagues needs to wear a cardigan in air-conditioned places! How surprised I felt! Sometimes I feel like I sweat really easily, especially when I'm a bit nervous like talking to a senior at work.

Hair loss
I feel like I've lost a lot less hair compared to the start of TSW. In the past I used to find at least a few strands of hair on my pillow when I wake up, now I sometimes don't see any at all! And I feel like my hair seems to looks thicker than before...

Overall, I'd say I have improved quite a lot. Even my parents think so. But I'm still far from healed, sometimes it could get pretty unstable too, suddenly having an oozing wound on my face or having itch attacks. But I feel like it's getting there... It was hard to believe how it could get better when I was still in the start of TSW, but now that I'm seeing progress, I've come to realise how true TSW is... To all those who are going through the same, stay strong and believe that you will definitely get better!!

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