Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 24


Skin: red and itchy all over. Flaking has been slightly better these few days in a sense that it's not as scaly as before, but it's finer these days. But still super duper dry.  One marked improvement is that the oozing right above my ankles had stopped since yesterday. Fingers crossed that it will since stop oozing!

Face: less blisters and cuts, and much less oozing now. Compared to last week, I don't always smell the ooze now, just occasionally when it oozes after I scratch. But still very red and flaky.

Swollen eyes: Lately I've been having blurry vision. I know they say it's a common symptom in TSW, but I'm a bit worried because Dr. Fukaya said steroids could cause cataract... If my blurry vision doesn't improve soon I think I'm gonna have to have my eyes checked...

Temperature dysregulation: I'm still feeling a bit cold in general, but it's improved. At least now when I sit in the office I don't shiver real bad and I don't have to hug my hot water bottle tight. I'm so grateful even if it's just this tiny bit of improvement because it's really really uncomfortable the way I feel so cold just being in an air-conditioned place. I always want to be soaked in sunlight, I'd want to walk in the sunlight when I'm on the street, it just feels right - I'm literally chasing the sun cuz I'll walk where ever there's sunlight! Even when I'm sweating a bit (only a bit even after walking for 20 min at noon in the sun) I still want to be in the sun. Something is really wrong with my temperature control...

My next milestone: 1 month!!

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