Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 33 - one month down!

It's been officially one month now! Yay me!! Like Juliana writes in her blog, I'll give myself a pat on the shoulder - It truly has been a torturous month for me, especially given it's the first month of TSW.

Although it really has only been a month, I've already been noticing some progress. The most remarkable one being my face. Actually, the difference has been various, some positive, some negative. Starting with positive ones first - I don't have the blisters and cuts now, unlike the first 3 weeks of TSW. The experience was so horrific that even with only this progress I'm already feeling so grateful. Now my face is mainly red and flaky. The flakiness has also been getting slightly better, not as bad as it was at the beginning. And I don't ooze as much this week, and it's not as itchy as well. The negative side is my eyes. They have been swollen from the very beginning, but it has gone worse. Starting this week it's gotten so bloated that it's starting to hurt. I think I'll have to go visit the doctor today and have a look.

For my body, my legs has officially stopped oozing. Yay! Even if it did it would only be very minor and stops within half an hour. My skin everywhere would still be itchy, but the itch these days are not as intense - they would subside sooner, and usually when one place is itching real bad I would try to scratch another place to distract myself, and I feel like these days it's easier to distract my itch from one place to another. But my skin is still super dry, sometimes so dry that it hurts moving. Especially my hands these days have been dry and a bit swollen that there have been cracks on my fingers which are super nasty. And my toes have become very itchy and dry as well.

For my body temperature regulation, I've been getting better these days, at least I could stay in the office for a day without the urge to escape downstairs in the hot humid air of Hong Kong, which a normal person would find it unbearable just to stay out there for 15 minutes without sweating like a pig, I feel just comfortable staying outside. And I still crave to stay in the sun because I love the heat on me, but at least now I don't shiver like mad when I'm in the air-conditioned place.

My sleep these days hasn't been so good, I've been having those weird sweats at night, but not as bad as I used to get even before TSW. But I would feel very hot and have severe itches all over, and the best part, smell bad. So I'd wake up at least once a night for this week, but the good news is at least I get probably like 5 to 6 hours of sleep each night, enough for me to get by a day.

My appetite has been crazy. I've always had a big appetite, but these days I'm eating like there's no tomorrow. And I'm not restricting my diet like cutting out chocolate or cheese and stuff. I could do like two bowls of rice for lunch, then soon afterwards I could eat all kinds of junk food like biscuits, cookies, cakes, and these days mooncakes, etc. I always wanted to eat healthier so as to speed up my recovery, but I'll have to work on that.

33 days closer to healed clear skin!!

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